Wheelchair swing

Wheelchair Swing/Glider

The price is £ 4.200,- with free delivery to the UK.

The original manor house swing from Finland for wheelchair users.

It is important for wheelchair users to stimulate their vestibular sense (balance). A Wheelchair Swing/Glider is very good at this. It also provides good opportunities for social encounters because there is room for several people on the swing.

When you swing the floor swings along with you, which gives a pleasant ride. The venous valves are also stimulated by the swinging movement.

The wheelchair swing has 3 wheelchair buckles to fasten the wheelchair to the swing. These buckles are similar to ones used in cars and busses.

We have extended the length of the wheelchair swing, so there is room for all kinds of wheelchairs.

The swing can accommodate one wheelchair and one wheelchair user up to 500 lbs.

The Wheelchair Swing measures 2 X 3 meters and needs a space of at least 3 X 5 meters.

Assembly instructions for the Wheelchair Swing.

This video below shows how to assemble the Wheelchair Swing.

If there are questions, please call me at +45 308 22122

Assembly instructions in the video below

We have Wheelchair Swings ready to be sent.

When we receive the order we send an invoice by email, and when the invoice is payed, we send the pallet with the swing. It will take about a week to be delivered.

The price is £ 4.200,- including everything for the Wheelchair Swing and delivery to your place.